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Linda's Kitchen

Wanting a little more space in her kitchen, this homeowner opted to remove an enclosed panty in favor of a more open space.  Cabinetry is frameless construction with raised panel doors.  Decorative columns are used to add a bit of flair to the kitchen design.

Click any of the following photos to see a larger picture.

Facing old frig and pantry door

The wall with the frig and pantry is to be removed to enlarge the kitchen area

Old Island

To be replaced with a new more efficient island and snack bar

Old sink

Old kitchen sink and stove area.

Front door view

View from the front door looking at the new kitchen.

Full view

Complete kitchen


Viewing the kitchen from the end

Previous sink space

Ample counter space in front of window give plenty of light for tasks.


Stove, microwave and pantry on the right

Decorative columns

Columns on the cabinet at an interesting visual detail.

Sink cabinet

These cabinet doors and columns are recessed in the sink cabinet.

Refrigerator area

The refrigerator now sets where the stove used to. Notice the large cabinet above the refrigerator.

Corner cabinet

The drawers in the corner cabinet look quite standard at first glance. (see next photo)

Corner drawers

To utilize the corner space angled drawers were constructed. This feature is the most shown off by the home owner.

Snack bar

Looking across the snack bar into the kitchen area.


This pantry is 32" wide and 24 inches deep. Has 4 doors and 7 pullout shelves.


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