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Rich and Ellen Kitchen

 Rich and Ellen wanted to update their kitchen to include an angled island with a stove and a snack bar that would look out into their living room and dining area. They weren't interested so much in having the island match the existing cabinets as having it coordinate with a vintage Hoosier cabinet.

Click any of the following photos to see a larger picture.

This is the treasured, vintage Hoosier that was the inspiration for the island. Note the cooper work surface.

Part of project was to match the stain color to the Hoosier and also find similar or matching hardware.

The new stove we installed in the island has a down-draft vent system. Cabinets on either side mimic the style of the Hoosier.

Panels in the island are of similar construction to Hoosier panels. This is the snack bar area. Stools built by the homeowner feature cast iron implement seats.

Note that the legs on the new island match those on the Hoosier, further tying the two together. A black toe kick beneath the island makes the unit appear as if it is supported by the legs alone. The toe kick actually supports the cabinet and prevents dust from accumulating beneath.

To accomodate Ellen's cookbook collection, we designed this bookcase. Now, all her books are in one place, conventiently located near the kitchen and dining table.


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