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In this era of prepackaged superstars–of pale imitations of country music being pushed onto the public by faceless media giantsthe music of Wylie & the Wild West is a beacon of truth and honest beauty. Yodeler, songwriter, rancher, horseman, and world famous “Yahooer,” Wylie Gustafson leads the musical outfit that has traveled the world playing their unique brand of music. The group has performed for the last 18 years on stages including the Kennedy Center, A Prairie Home Companion, the Grand Ole Opry (over 50 times), The National Folk Festival and the Lincoln Center.
As one critic states, “Gustafson is the coolest cowpoke around. Forget everything you hate about modern country, this guy is old school cool without being a tired period piece.”
Bucking Horse Moon Review
Cowboys & Indians Magazine
April 2007
"Wylie Gustafson is today's most widely heard cowboy singer, and whether you know his name or not, you've heard him: He yodels the "Ya-Hoo-Ooo" for (and had to sue to get just recompense). He's also the real deal: a rider, rancher, and a genuine comer as a musical artist. With his latest release, Bucking Horse Moon, he has established himself as the first giant of the new pantheon that will inherit, preserve, and enhance the Western music tradition from such current reigning luminaries as Don Edwards, Waddie Mitchell, Red Steagall, Ian Tyson, and Michael Martin Murphy (to name a few).
Gustafson wins such stature with an utterly charming album ably produced by John Carter Cash, son of Johnny and June Carter that hits all the bases with home-run style. Be it genuine Country & Western, cowboy music, yodeling, or his own burgeoning contemporary Western Country-folk style, Gustafson rides the musical range with the assurance of an old saddle hand. He proves himself a distinctive and affecting singer as well as a highly adept songwriter, with one boot firmly in the stirrup of tradition and the other in the stirrup of respectful innovation, gently spurring cowboy & Western music toward its future. And with Wylie Gustafson's sure hands on the reins, the sounds of the ranch and the range have a fine new trail boss to blaze the way for decades to come."

Rob Patterson
Cowboys & Indians Magazine


August 2007