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How to Yodel:
Lessons to Tickle Your Tonsils

By Wylie Gustafson

Illustrated by Robert Payne

6 x 6 in, 96 pages. Paperback

Price: $10.00

How to Yodel offers the lessons, tips, techniques, and music you need to get that long-awaited degree in the high art of yodeling, while finally being able to bask in the attention of adoring fans and lovesick coyotes. In no time, you’ll be the next Vocal Virtuoso...Pavarotti of the Plains...Epiglottis Goddess...Yodeling Superstar! Simple instructions, illustrations, and examples combined with the accompanying CD make it easy to learn the fine art of the yodel. Renowned country music artist and original Yahoo® yodeler Wylie Gustafson shares lessons, trivia, quotes, history, and other tidbits about yodeling, complete with hilarious sidebars.

—Comes complete with CD with yodeling examples and music. Review

Wylie Gustafson of Wylie & the Wild West's new, flat-out fun book and CD, How to Yodel: Lessons to Tickle Your Tonsils, may start an international yodel revolution. Described by the publisher, "World-famous Yahooer and yodeling guru Wylie Gustafson teaches fun and easy lessons in the high art of yodeling, with a big dose of hilarity along the way...," it delivers on all fronts.

The fun starts right away, with the book's "Disclaimer," which reads, "I, nor the publishers of this book, will be responsible for the consequences resulting from techniques used in this book..." with a list including stampeding buffalo, avalanches, marital discourse, tectonic shifts, and "the swallows not returning to San Juan Capistrano." The practical lessons are peppered with amusing and entertaining trivia, fascinating history, wry asides (such as "Where Not to Yodel") and Wylie's answer to "Can Anyone Yodel?" A glossary and list of references are included. The accompanying CD offers step-by-step lessons with 21 tracks that lead from warm up and breathing exercises to music for advanced yodels.

Margo Metegrano, editor