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"If you can imagine it, we can build it"

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A Little About Us

Jeri and Rob have been married 30 years.  With Rob's father being 101 years old and Jeri's grandmother passing away at 97, we expect to have a long life together. We both joke that when we got married  neither of us realized just how long "till death do you part" could be.
Jennifer, or Jen as everyone knows her, was my right hand man in the shop for many years.  She has the eye for detail and my perfectionist attitude to produce high quality products.  Presently she is Client Relations Coordinator  for Altru Health Foundation in Grand Forks, North Dakota and my "East region sales rep."
Brian is the construction member of the family.  He preferred framing to finish work.  Despite that he was great help in the shop and has transferred his eye to detail into the metal working industry.  At present, he is a metal fabricator for Spencer Fluid Power of Billings, Montana.  His hobby is building and driving demolition derby cars and has been doing that since he was a junior in high school.
Jessie, on the left, and Susie, on the right, are the children we have at home.  Jokingly we call them the grandkids, because they are our children's dogs.  There is never a dull moment with these two around.  From arguing over who gets which bone, to going to bed very early in order to get the better kennel, these two keep our life interesting. 
This is where it all starts, the home office.  This is one of many pieces I've built for our own home.  Here the client's wants and needs are converted into graphic and line drawing files using cabinet design software and CAD programs  When all the plans are approved by the customer, the work then moves to the shop.
The shop, built new in 2001, houses a multitude of tools to help me produce a very high quality product as efficiently as possible.  The shop contains a large construction area, a down draft finish room, drying room, and an office/storage/bathroom.

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